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Consumer Alerts

Requests for Your Account Credentials

We encourage all students to be vigilant about emails you may receive, even ones that appear to come from an email address you know to be a valid University account, where you are told to click on a specific link and enter any University credentials (e.g., computing id, University ID, University email, and password).  If you doubt the validity of the link, hover your mouse over the link to see what address it really contains.  If it is not one you expect or recognize, don't click the link.

Phishing attacks can spoof UVA email addresses, making it appear as if the message is legitimate and sent by a trusted source.  Also, enticing subject lines offering tuition breaks or other monetary incentives should be clear red flags that something is not right.  If you have any doubts about whether a message you have received from is valid or not, please contact us by phone at (434) 982-6000, or write to  If you fall for a phishing scam by clicking on the link and entering your credentials, don't stay silent.  Instead, write immediately to with as much information as you can provide or contact the UVA Help Desk (434-924-4357).

For more information to identify and protect yourself against phishing email messages, please see

Payment Services

Be wary of unsolicited offers from any third party to make payments on behalf of the student. Instead, the University recommends exclusively using the following payment methods:

Online through UVAPay

  • Electronic check on a standard checking or savings account at a US bank
  • Flywire, for payments from international locations
  • Credit card, with a 2.75% convenience fee, issued by a US bank or credit card company

By Mail

  • Personal check drawn on a US bank, payable to the University of Virginia
  • Money order
  • Check from a qualified third part, such as a 529 plan provider

In Person at the Cashier’s Office in Carruthers Hall

  • Personal check drawn on a US bank, payable to the University of Virginia
  • Money order
  • Cash, in US dollars

For your privacy and security, we cannot accept payment over the phone or through email correspondence by any method.


FAFSA Filing Services

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is just that... FREE. It is available at Companies that offer to file the application for you at a fee provide little to no value for the fee they charge. The sidebar of the FAFSA application itself contains a lot of useful information and help topics. But if you get stuck, please contact Student Financial Services and we will help you at no charge.