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Departmental Aid Users

News and Announcements 

  • Aid Year 2014 has been closed.  If you have any changes, additions, deletions that need to be made for Summer 2013, Fall 2013, or Spring 2013, please forward them to Sarah Doran ( and she will make the necessary adjustments.
  • Please contact your local experts if you have any issues or questions.  Your local experts are:
    • GSAS – Brenda Davis (4-6742)
    • Curry – Brenda Kelley (2-2669)
    • Engineering – Joan Wicks (4-4380)
    • BIMS – Fay Miller (4-2217)


SAFM Phase 2

  • Phase 2 work is continuing.  ITS has started work on design and development for integration.  A Phase 2.5 project plan has been drafted and is available in the References section below.
  • Phase 2 (pre-integration) reporting requirements has been implemented.  A new reporting reference guide has been created and is available in the references section below.
  • We have scheduled Phase 2 Advisory Group meetings through the end of the year to facilitate integration discussions during the development phase.  Please see the schedule below.

Department Aid User Group

  • For Fall 2014 Key Dates, please see the Key Dates 2014-15 document in the References section below.



Committee on Graduate and Professional Financial Aid


SAFM Phase 2 Advisory Group

The SAFM Advisory Group will begin meeting in October to discuss integration related decisions and issues during the development phase. This group will provide feedback as process and requirements questions arise.

  • December 17th,TBD, 2:00 – 3:00pm

Department Aid User Group – recurring meetings on Wednesday afternoons


Meeting Notes

April 9, 2013 (Problem Statement Review and Prioritization)

October 16, 2013 (Production Issues Notes)


Getting Access

Access to SIS Departmental Aid pages and SAFM require specific training.  Please visit the Departmental Aid Toolkit for training requirements and enrollment information.

Requests for SIS responsibilities (including SAFM access) are made by you or your supervisor and submitted via the Electronic Self-Help Access Request Process (ESharp).  To begin the access process, go to ESharp.



Departmental Aid Toolkit


Useful Documents

2014 Item Types for Standard Departmental Awarding

2014-15 Key Dates

Fall/Spring packaging options

Summer awarding chart (FY2014-15)

Glossary of FA Terms

SIS Getting Started Guide

Phase 2 Documents

SAFM Phase 2 Project Plan

SAFM Phase 2 Draft User Involvement Timeline

SAFM Phase 2.5 Project Plan

Department Aid Quick Guides:

SIS Departmental Aid Quick Guide

Departmental Aid Reporting Quick Guide

SAFM Quick Guides

SAFM Quick Guide

SAFM Reporting Reference Guide

SAFM Student Awarding Page Quick Guide

SAFM Award Status Page Quick Guide

SAFM Rejections Quick Guide

SAFM Recalculations Quick Guide

SAFM Reversals Quick Guide

SAFM Awarding Error Handling Quick Guide

SAFM Awarding Students in Multiple Careers Quick Guide (Under Construction)

SAFM Awarding Students in Multiple Programs Quick Guide (Under Construction)

SAFM Part-Time and Affiliated Status Quick Guide (Under Construction)

SAFM View Award Activity Quick Guide (Under Construction)

SAFM Changing Multi Month Stipend Awards Quick Guide (Under Construction)

SAFM Viewing Departmental Awarding Pages (Under Construction)


Graduate Assistantships University Policy

Health Insurance Subsidy University Policy


Need Help?

Your first point of contact for departmental aid awarding questions and issues is your SIS Local Expert. "Local Experts" are located throughout the University schools and departments. As needed, they will forward your question or issue to ISDS/SIS or Student Financial Services (SFS). If the answer or resolution is of value to the rest of the users in your school or department, your local expert will disseminate the information.

If your Local Expert cannot assist you, contact the help desk by emailing Enter "Departmental Aid Question" in the subject line of your email and cc: Sarah Doran (, Meg Harris (