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Start Here: Managing Financial Life at UVA

At Student Financial Services, we understand how complex the world of financial aid and student accounts may appear, especially if this year marks the first year you have attended college or have a student in college. (Parents, much may have changed since you went to school!)

Just about everything you need to know about managing your financial life at U.Va. can be found in the sections of this website. We suggest you bookmark the homepage, accessible at or by clicking the white Student Financial Services banner at the top of each page. On the front page are reminders about important dates, access buttons for the parent and student billing portals, and the latest SFS news from social media. There's also a drop-down box labelled "How Do I...?" where you can find answers to FAQs.


Newly Admitted Undergraduates

Click here for a checklist of things you should take care of before you arrive on Grounds for the Fall Semester.


All Students

We suggest you begin with the first link in the blue navigation bar at the top of this and every page on the SFS website: Tuition & Billing. You can hover over the text to see a drop-down menu, or click right on it to go to the main page of that section. There, you will find information on tuition and fees, how and when the University will bill you, how to use QuikPay to view and pay a bill, how to give a parent access to a payment account, and more.

If you will not use any type of financial aid, but will instead pay your charges with some form of personal payment--cash, check, wire transfer, credit card, 529 or pre-paid college savings plan, etc.--you will probaly deal exclusively in the Tuition & Billing section of our website.

If you will apply for need-based financial aid, please read on!


Students Seeking Financial Aid

After you've checked out the Tuition & Billing section, you may be looking for help paying for it! Most aid at UVA, including all aid awarded by Student Financial Services, is based upon need. If you are applying for admission or have recently been accepted to a U.Va. program for the first time, click the Financial Aid for New Applicants tab in the blue menu bar at the top of this page, where you will learn about the types of aid available, eligibility requirements, how to apply for aid, and how to accept and receive the aid you are awarded. If you are a returning student, please see Financial Aid for Current Undergrads or Financial Aid for Graduate Students.



Parents provide invaluable support for their students and have a vested interest in their success at the University. However, managing financial life at UVA is the responsibility of the student. All notifications-- including bills, financial aid information, and deadline reminders-- are sent to the student.

In the blue menu bar at the top of this page, you will see a link to a section of our website for Parents, where you will find information to help you partner with your student. If you will help your student manage financial life while they are enrolled, we strongly suggest you and your student discuss the Authorization to Release Financial Information form and becoming a QuikPay Authorized Payer. You may also wish to counsel with your student about the terms and repayment of any student loans they may consider accepting. The Federal Student Aid Repayment Estimator is an excellent resource.