Please note that our office is currently not open to any walk-in traffic due to modified operations due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Phone: Our service hours are Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm except Tuesday, when hours are 10am - 5pm.  You can reach us by phone at (434) 982-6000 or (866) 391-0063.

Email: [email protected]  Please do not send any requested documents as email attachments.  For the security of your information, we will not be able to process documents sent in this manner.  Use our email address only for correspondence.

Mailing Address:
Student Financial Services
P.O. Box 400204
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4204

Street Address:
1001 North Emmet Street (across from the Barracks Road Shopping Center)



Staff Directory

Steve Kimata [email protected] Assistant VP, Student Financial Services
Sarah Doran [email protected] Chief of Staff and Director of School and Departmental Relations
Sabrina Whitcomb [email protected] Associate Director, Training and Compliance
Amy Nolasco [email protected] Business Systems Analyst
Mary Fields [email protected] Office Manager
Financial Aid    
Scott Miller [email protected] Director, Financial Aid
Sharlene Sajonas [email protected] Associate Director, Athletic Grant-in-Aid
Vacant   Associate Director for Undergraduate Financial Aid
Debbie Davis [email protected] Assistant Director, Graduate Aid
Andrew Breen [email protected] Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Oshae Berry [email protected] Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Rylie Carlson [email protected] Assistant Director, Financial Aid
Colin Burnette [email protected] Undergraduate Financial Aid Administrator
Haike Giragosian [email protected] Undergraduate Financial Aid Administrator
Heather Logan [email protected] Undergraduate Financial Aid Administrator
Matthew Ford [email protected] Undergraduate Financial Aid Administrator
Stephanie Poindexter [email protected] Undergraduate Financial Aid Administrator
Elizabeth O'Flynn Steppe [email protected] Undergraduate Financial Aid Administrator
Vacant   Undergraduate Financial Aid Administrator
Melvin Miller [email protected] Associate Director, Financial Aid
Danielle Brown [email protected] Scholarship Officer
Stacey Parmenter [email protected] Scholarship Specialist
Jesse Roberts [email protected] Awarding Specialist
Lauren O'Neill [email protected] Awarding Specialist
Jessica Marvin [email protected] Loan Coordinator
Jeanie Sampson-Giles [email protected] Loan Coordinator
Student Accounts    
Isaiah Behnke [email protected] Director, Student Account Operations
Vacant   Supervisor, Military Billing and Contracts
Candie Flippen [email protected] Student Accounts Analyst
Joyce Walton [email protected] Student Accounts Specialist
Jake Blizzard [email protected] Student Accounts Analyst
Trudy Taylor [email protected] Assistant Director, Cashiering & Collections
Vacant   Senior Accounts Receivable Specialist
Telisa Alston [email protected] Accounts Receivable Specialist
Lucy Wrenn [email protected] Accounts Receivable Specialist
Maggie Duncan [email protected] Payment and Student Account Analyst
Heather Benson [email protected] Accounting Cashier
Accounting & Reconciliation    
Lisa Shuler [email protected] Director, SFS Accounting and Modeling
Ashley Rogers [email protected] Reconciliation Accountant
Customer Service & Communications
Jenn Bari [email protected] Contact Center Manager
Chris Brazelton [email protected] Tier 1 Supervisor
Vacant   Customer Service Representative Tier 1
Mengjun Yu [email protected] Customer Service Representative Tier 1
Vacant   Customer Service Representative Tier 1
Catie Payne cc[email protected] Customer Service Representative Tier 2 and Team Lead
Irene Paschall [email protected] Customer Service Representative Tier 2
Randy Sawyer [email protected] Customer Service Representative Tier 2
Andrea Jackson [email protected] Customer Service Representative Tier 2
JT Peifer [email protected] Customer Service Representative Tier 2
Ja'net LaPointe [email protected] Imaging Specialist
Chris Doran [email protected] Communications and Financial Wellness
Dustin Ciraco [email protected] Communications Assistant and Peer Financial Counseling Program Coordinator
IT Services    
Wendy West [email protected] Manager, Information Technology Support
Lloyd Dollins [email protected] Supervisor, IT
Vacant   Supervisor, IT Development
Michael Holian [email protected] Applications Systems Analyst/Programmer
John Martin [email protected] Financial Aid Application Analyst
Mac Koslowski [email protected] Applications Systems Analyst/Programmer