Tuition & Fees

Tuition and fees for graduate students vary depending on school, department of study, academic level (year in program) and/or enrollment. Current tuition & fee rates are listed in the Graduate Record. For a detailed explanation of fees, see the link to "Mandatory Fees" on the website for the Office of Financial Planning and Analysis.

Here are a few important notes regarding graduate tuition and fees and enrollment:


Enroll Early! 

Most schools charge different rates depending on your enrollment. It is important to enroll early so financial aid can be awarded appropriately and in a timely manner.


Full-time Enrollment

Twelve (12) hours is considered full-time enrollment for graduates. For students attending a school with an enrollment based tuition structure, twelve (12) regular credit hours will carry the maximum tuition and fees. Twelve (12) research credit hours will carry the minimum tuition and fees. A combination of research and regular credit hours will fall somewhere in between the maximum and minimum. 


Enrollment Questions?

Questions about enrollment should be directed to your school and/or department of study.