Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships at the University of Virginia include graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) and graduate research assistants (GRAs). Assistantships provide a supervised opportunity for graduate students to gain experience in teaching, research, or administration while receiving wages.  

Aid Eligibility

Qualified graduate assistantships include tuition remission and the health insurance subsidy. They may also include tuition adjustment. A graduate assistantship is ‘qualified’ if it is at least half of a full assistantship (a quarter-time appointment, roughly equivalent to 10 hours per week).

Tuition Remission – The in-state tuition portion and all required fees (comprehensive fees, activity fees and, where applicable, the international student fee) paid on behalf of a student serving in a qualified graduate assistantship. 

Tuition Adjustment – The amount of tuition above in-state tuition paid on behalf of an out-of-state student serving in a qualified graduate assistantship.

Health Insurance Subsidy – A subsidy funded centrally by the University and provided on behalf of a qualified graduate student. A qualified graduate student must be offered the health insurance subsidy if he or she earns at least $5,000 in wages as a GTA or GRA over the course of the fiscal year.   


For additional and more detailed information on assistantships, please refer to the University Policy on Graduate Assistantships.