Undergraduate Community Employment Partnership (UCEP)

Working Together for Great and Good

As UVA students, you’re not just part of the University community. Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fluvanna, Madison, Orange – you become connected to these local communities, too. You’re connected to the people who live in these communities, whose children play and learn there, who run businesses that offer goods and services to all those who pass through. 

When you choose to work with the UCEP program, you choose to help strengthen these communities, to create a thriving environment that serves the needs of its residents. You get to do something meaningful, working together for great and good. 


In the spring of 2021, Student Financial Services, the Career Center, and Academic Outreach partnered to launch the Undergraduate Community Employment Partnership (UCEP) program to support students awarded Federal Work-Study (FWS). UCEP expands the FWS program by creating employment opportunities with public, nonprofit employers in the Charlottesville community and surrounding areas. These opportunities enhance the development of technical, personal and professional skills in students and benefits local community organizations. 

Student Experience

UCEP offers an elevated community-based experience with a real impact. It's more than just a job!

Personal Growth

  • Develop tangible skills that are easily transferred to future employers 
  • Receive mentorship from your supervisor 
  • Evaluation/skills survey; create goals with your boss to obtain throughout the year 

Professional Development

  • Throughout the academic year, students will engage in UVA's Professional Development curriculum facilitated by the Career Center and Office of Academic Outreach
  • Exposure to professional work environments 
  • Learn about career pathways in public service 

Community Building

  • Get paid for serving your community 
  • Connect with other peers who are working in similar roles 
  • Access to alumni who work in public service 


Federal Work-Study jobs in the Undergraduate Community Employment Partnership program can be located in Handshake

Get Involved

Getting involved with the UCEP program is simple! Start by applying for open positions through Handshake. After applying, selected students will interview with the chosen Community Partner. 

Current/Former Partners

The organizations listed below have partnered with the UCEP program to hire FWS students at the University. A complete listing of available positions can be found in Handshake.  

  • Avis Beasley Community Outreach Group
  • Boys & Girls Club of Central Virginia 
  • Center for Civic Innovation
  • Center for Non-Profit Excellence
  • Charlottesville Abundant Life
  • Fluvanna County Economic Development Department
  • Jefferson School -  African American Heritage Center
  • Loaves and Fishes
  • Orange County Economic Development Office
  • Piedmont Housing Alliance
  • Tom Tom Foundation
Community Partner Experience

Some of the benefits of working with UCEP are: 

Business Impact

  • Low cost employees: 75% of wages are covered by FWS funds
  • Utilize a skill survey system to have more effective developmental conversations with your employees
  • Marketing and advertising of your position(s) is managed by the UVA Career Center 

Community Building

  • Access to talented students interested in improving our community 
  • Network with other organizations in the community to benchmark best practices for involvement in the program 

If you are a prospective non-profit organization interested in working with the UCEP program, please contact David Lapinski, Director of Employer Relations and Experiential Learning at the UVA Career Center, for more information. 


This graphic displays a brief overview of a potential Community Partner's involvement with the UCEP program.