Non-University Assistance

Federal regulations and University policies require Student Financial Services to consider all sources of assistance received by a student when determining eligibility for financial aid.

Non-University assistance includes all scholarships and grants given by agencies other than our office. They include University Alumni Association, Resident Advisor housing and/or dining assistance, ROTC scholarships, National Merit or National Achievement Scholarships, Tuition Benefits/Reimbursements, and any scholarships or grants given by churches, high schools, fraternities & sororities, corporations, professional, civic, or other organizations.

It is the student's responsibility to notify Student Financial Services if they will receive any assistance not reflected on their offer letter. If you will receive outside scholarships, please complete the Outside Scholarship Self-Reporting Form, which is available on our Forms page under the link to the appropriate academic year.

In the event that students receive additional assistance not listed in their award information in the SIS, Student Financial Services may be required to reduce University-administered financial aid to remain in compliance with Federal and state regulations and University policies. If you receive Non-University assistance after your Federal funds have been offered, your eligibility for aid will be reassessed. When your Federal aid is reduced by other assistance, you will receive email notification of a revision to your financial aid, and you will be able to compare the new version of the offer letter to previous ones to see the specific changes.