Other Financing Options for Study Abroad

If the financial aid awarded to you for your study abroad term is not sufficient to cover your costs, your financing options are to borrow a Parent PLUS loan or a private student loan. 

Find more information about Parent PLUS loans or private student loans

Once your Parent PLUS loan or private student loan has been certified, you will see the loan(s) in the Financials section of your SIS account. Please be sure to respond promptly to any requests made by your lender since this may cause delays in the processing of your loan.

Students who are involved in education abroad on an exchange program or a UVA program and who are charged by UVA may sign up for a payment plan for their charges. Find out more about enrolling in a payment plan. Only students charged by UVA may use a payment plan for their program charges. 

Students enrolled in UVA programs and exchange programs that are billed directly through UVA may utilize their Virginia529 prepaid plans. For non-UVA and outside programs, students are advised to speak with their prepaid plan administrator. Students enrolled with a non-UVA study abroad program (i.e., programs that require payment directly to the host institution) may utilize their prepaid benefits through a benefits conversion process. According to Virginia529, students can convert their Prepaid529 funds into Invest529 funds on a term by term basis. This conversion enables students/account holders to access the cash benefits and pay their desired institution directly for qualified tuition and fees (per their Prepaid529 agreement). Students must speak with their program administrator about the conversion process and eligibility. For more information, please contact your Virginia529 plan administrator.