Health Insurance Subsidy

The University requires all students to have health insurance.  Graduate students may be eligible to receive a Health Insurance Subsidy which is a payment made by a school or unit of the University to the University on behalf of a graduate student to cover the cost of the Aetna Student Health plan.

A Qualified Health Insurance Subsidy is a mandated subsidy provided on behalf of a graduate student who earns at least $5,000 in wages as a GTA or GRA over the course of the fiscal year.

Students that do not meet the above qualification may still receive a health insurance subsidy from their school or department at their respective department’s discretion.   

If you receive a Health Insurance Subsidy as part of your departmental aid award, you will need to enroll with the UVA Aetna Student Health Insurance plan and follow the enrollment instructions.

Graduate students receiving the Health Insurance Subsidy must enroll in the University’s student health insurance plan each year.  The 2018-2019 health insurance plan provides coverage from August 15, 2018 through August 14, 2019.  Graduate students may enroll starting in early to mid July, and are encouraged to do so as soon as possible to ensure adequate coverage.


Hard Waiver Program

Graduate students who do not receive the Health Insurance Subsidy are also required to have health insurance.  The health insurance requirement can be satisfied through the Hard Waiver Program.

Under this program, the University requires students to carry health insurance which meets specific coverage requirements.  Students may avoid the cost of purchasing the University’s health insurance plan if they provide proof of other health insurance coverage which meets the University’s specific coverage requirements. Graduate students request an insurance waiver through the online waiver process. This process is available as of July and must be completed no later than late September 2018 or else you will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna plan and billed for its full annual cost of $2,830. Students can request an increase to their cost of attendance by completing the Health Insurance Expense Request Form and submitting the form to Student Financial Services.

Graduate students who do not currently have health insurance may satisfy the Hard Waiver requirement by enrolling in the UVA Aetna Student Health Insurance plan.  Enrollment in the health insurance plan starts in July.  Students who have a current health insurance plan that does not meet UVA requirements for comparable coverage or who fail to demonstrate comparable coverage in the online waiver site by late September 2018, will be automatically enrolled in the Aetna plan and billed for its annual cost of $2,830.  This charge will be posted to your SIS account before the end of September and payment will be due on October 31, 2018.

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