Institutional Tuition and Fees Adjustment Schedule by Daily Proration

The daily proration adjustment schedule governs how tuition and fees will be adjusted on a percentage basis determined by the day on which the student withdraws from the University. This schedule currently applies only to students in the School of Law and the School of Medicine. All other students at the University follow the Weekly Proration Schedule. Students enrolled in nonstandard programs follow separate adjustment schedules (see specific program for details).

  • An enrolled student who withdraws or voluntarily takes a leave from the University on or after the first (1st) day of classes and through the seventh (7th) day of the term (first week) will receive a 100 percent tuition and fee adjustment.
  • An enrolled student who withdraws or voluntarily takes leave on or after the eighth (8th) day of the term but before the date when they will have completed 60 percent of the term will have their institutional charges adjusted based on a daily proration.
  • Percent of term completed is calculated as the total number of calendar days completed divided by the total number of calendar days from the start to the end of the semester (term). There are no adjustments for holidays or breaks.
  • If a student withdraws after completing 60 percent of the term, the student will receive a zero percent adjustment (i.e., will be charged 100 percent of tuition and fees).
  • The effective date of withdrawal is determined by the school in which the student is enrolled, and the official withdrawal is recorded within the Student Information System.
  • Any resulting credit due to a student because of a withdrawal will first be offset against any other amounts owed to the University.

The daily proration schedule of tuition and required fees between amounts charged and amounts adjusted is as follows:


Days and % of Term Completed

% Charged to Student

% Adjusted

Days 1-7



Day 8 to 60% of term completed

Daily proration

Daily proration

After 60% of term completed




Terms and Definitions

  • Academic Degree: Determined by school of enrollment. Please visit the University Registrar’s Record for a complete list of school programs.
  • Effective Date of Withdrawal: the date determined to be the official withdrawal date from the university. The University Registrar supports more information related to an official withdrawal date and “Leaving and Returning to the University.”
  • Percent of term completed: calculated as the total number of calendar days completed divided by the total number of calendar days from the start to the end of the semester (term). 
  • School Week: Defined as seven (7) calendar days that begins with the first day of the program’s classes.
  • Standard Semester (Term): Fall and Spring are standard semesters. This includes programs that follow a standard module plan. Students wishing to withdraw from classes during Summer Session or January Term should contact the Office of Summer & Special Academic Programs.
  • Withdrawal from the University: Students should consult “Leaving and Returning to the University” in the University Record for details specific to their school’s withdrawal policies.

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    • The treatment of Federal Aid (Title IV) eligibility and Return to Title IV (R2T4) funds follow the federal guidelines determined by the U.S. Department of Education. The treatment of Non-Federal Aid eligibility and return policies adhere to the respective funding source’s adjustment guidelines.
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