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Supporting Your Student

We're here to support you and your student to manage their finances here at UVA. Our office is your primary partner for your student's financial aid, tuition, billing, payment plans, and more, and we want to help!

About Student Financial Services

At UVA we recognize that while families provide crucial support, financial responsibility ultimately rests with the student. We encourage open communication about finances as your student learns to navigate this aspect of college life. Here are some key resources to help you manage your student's finances at UVA:

Financial Aid

UVA is committed to providing need-based financial aid to all eligible applicants. We use the FAFSA and CSS Profile to determine eligibility for aid. Learn more about UVA’s Financial Aid Commitment to You.


Scholarships & Grants

While SFS does not provide merit scholarships, we do have some resources for you. Watch this video for a helpful overview of some of the different types of scholarships and grants available to you.

Cost of Attendance
Billing & Payment Options

UVAPay is the University's online payment processing system. Learn more about viewing and paying your student's bill.

Loans & Financing

UVA is committed to limiting loans for students with financial need, so they graduate with less debt. If your student's aid does not cover their tuition, you can explore student and parent loan options.

Resources to Share with Your Student
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