Not sure if a Peer Financial Counseling session is right for you? See what other UVA students had to say about their experience!

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"Thank you so much for all your help! I really appreciate it. It was extremely beneficial to speak with you, and I feel much more confident in financing my college education. I will definitely be spreading the word about peer financial counseling to my friends. The location and quick assistance were so convenient, and it’s comforting to know that I can continue to come back with any more inquiries that I may have." - H.K., Class of 2026


"Today I had an exit counseling session for my graduate loans. The counselor helped validate that my loans were accurately setup by my servicing company and gave me some great tips on how I could get a lower interest rate and the relevant trade offs. I definitely recommend students attend a counseling session when graduation time comes around!  - R.W., Class of 2022


"My appointment as a first-gen college student who was very unfamiliar with the student loans process was very important to me, and it could not have gone better. My counselor was approachable, patient, extremely knowledgeable, and as helpful as I could have hoped for. This is an incredible program!" - C.S., Class of 2024


"My counselor was great! He helped break down the student loans on my financial aid offer and made things much easier to understand. He was knowledgeable and extremely helpful in guiding me in the right direction." - H.B., Class of 2021


"My counselor thoroughly answered my questions and was really patient with my Mom and I. The follow-up email is helpful, too!" - E.M., Class of 2024


"Thank you for providing me with resources and information to understand my student loans, my session was really helpful and I appreciate it a lot." - J.D., Class of 2020


"I found my appointment very helpful and my counselor was very knowledgeable about student loans and financial aid. I could also tell that my counselor was prepared for the appointment and I appreciated that." - A.P., Class of 2021


"Great session. I learned a lot and have already recommended the service to other students!" - M.R., Class of 2020


"It was a really great experience. It felt very casual and low pressure, but I also got a lot of information and advice!" - A.D., Class of 2023


"I had a great experience. My financial worries were diminished and everything regarding my Financials in SIS were covered and explained. They went above and beyond. My counselor offered to explain credit and taxes to me, and went out of his way to get me a form I needed. Overall great experience." - J.L, Class of 2023


"I thought this short 30-minute session was the most helpful thing I have ever done in terms of educating myself on personal finance. I've been recommending the service to everyone. Thank you so much!!!" - J.N., Class of 2020


"I wanted to thank you for the Peer Financial Counseling program. This service allows low-income students, like myself, the opportunity to understand our financial packages, make fiscal decisions, and allows for a greater understanding of budgeting. I appreciated the time I had with my peer counselor." - B.D., Class of 2021


"Really friendly and super helpful! It made so many things clear to me and will for sure recommend to others!" - N.A., Class of 2021


"My counselor was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable! Thank you!" - A.D., Class of 2020


"I received information that was direct to my personal experiences. I could express my financial insecurities without shame. Nice vibes!" - M.L., Class of 2019


"Useful session to learn basic financial information, especially for people who don't know a lot coming in. I think the information distributed is really useful for students starting new jobs and becoming independent. Thank you!" - K.F., Class of 2022