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Third-Party & Outside Agency Billing

This page is intended for those whose education expenses are being paid in part of in full by an employer, a school district, a non-military government agency, a foreign embassy, or other outside agencies. This link contains information on reporting outside scholarships.


Qualifications for Third-Party Agency Billing

Outside agencies qualify for third-party billing if:

  • The entity has agreed to pay all or a specified portion of a student or group of students' tuition, fees, books and other charges
  • Payments will be sent directly to UVA
  • The agency requires UVA. to issue an itemized invoice addressed in their name


Outside agencies cannot qualify for third-party billing if:

  • Payments will be sent directly to the student
  • Only proof of registration or a copy of your term charges statement is required by the outside agency (this process does not require our office to bill the agency directly). Statements of term charges are accessed through UVAPay.
  • The reimbursement agreement is between the student and the sponsor. In this case, please refer to the instructions for tuition reimbursement.
  • The third-party is a department within UVA


How to Pay Using Third-Party Billing Authorization 

If you are requesting a business/organization to be billed for tuition and fees, a letter of authorization must be received from the supporting organization. You are responsible for all tuition and fees associated with your class enrollment. If your third-party payer fails to pay or eligibility criteria is not met, you are responsible for paying all charges due on your account.

A letter of authorization must be submitted no later than 30 calendar days before the first day of class. Below are Authorization Form Guidelines.

If you are pursuing a BIS or BPHM degree through SCPS, please use SFS Third-Party Processes listed below.  All other SCPS students should go to the following address for more information:

Students in the Curry School of Education, please speak with your Admissions Counselor for guidance.


Third-Party Billing Authorization Form Guidelines

All third-party billing authorization forms must:

  1. Be printed on official company letterhead/document and addressed to the contact listed below
  2. Include student name and UVA ID (or last four of SSN for government agencies)
  3. Indicate the start and end date of the sponsorship
  4. Specify tuition and fees your organization will cover
  5. Indicate the maximum amount that will be paid, if applicable
  6. Include any special billing instructions
  7. Include the complete billing address of your organization, including a primary contact name, email address, phone, and fax numbers
  8. An authorization signature and W-9 form must be included
  9. Submit this form 30 days prior to classes starting

A sample authorization letter form can be found by following this link.

Completed letters and forms can be emailed to

If you will be mailing your documents, please send them to:

University of Virginia
Student Financial Services
ATTN: Student Accounts
P.O. Box 400204
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904

For express delivery services that cannot deliver to P.O. boxes, send to:

University of Virginia
Student Financial Services
1001 N. Emmet Street
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903


Important Information for Students Using Third-Party Billing

  • You will continue to receive billing statements approximately 30 days before the beginning of the Fall and Spring term that can be accessed through UVAPay
  • Do not set up your third-party as an Authorized Payer on your student account. This will result in duplicate billing.
  • Third-party agencies will be invoiced after the Add/Drop period of each semester or term.
  • If your third-party agency does not cover the full amount of tuition and fees, the student is responsible for the difference by the billing statement due date.
  • Third-party payments are not subject to the same deadlines as student payments, nor are third-party bills sent at the same time as student bills. You are responsible for ensuring payments made on your behalf are received in a timely manner. We generally expect payment within 45 days of the start of semester.
  • If your third-party payer fails to pay or eligibility criteria are not met, you are responsible for paying all charges due on your account.
  • Third-party payers cannot be billed for past term charges or for items not posted to your student account unless otherwise noted on the authorization form.
  • Third-party payers cannot pay with Credit Cards.
  • Third-party payment instructions will be provided by Student Financial Services during the invoicing process.