Reporting and Sending Outside Scholarships

The information on this page is for reporting scholarships from non-UVA. sources. It does not pertain to employer benefits, military or military education benefits, state pre-paid education plans, or 529 college savings plans.


Reporting Outside Scholarships

Please complete an Outside Scholarship Self-Reporting Form by going to our forms directory and choosing the appropriate aid year from the left-hand menu. You will be given credit to your UVA student account for the amount of anticipated scholarship funding. You do not need to pay this amount while you wait for the donor to send the check to UVA, but you should pay any balance that will not be covered by scholarships or other financial aid. If you do not do so by the billing due date, you risk being assessed a late payment penalty. Note that unless otherwise specified by the terms of the donor, all funds will be split equally between the fall and spring terms.


Sending Scholarship Checks

If your scholarship donor will send a check directly to UVA, please instruct them to include your name and ID number with the payment.  If your scholarship donor sends the check to you, you will need to forward the check to UVA. Please include your name and 7-digit SIS ID number.

Mail to:

University of Virginia
Student Payment Processing
P.O. Box 400204
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904

For express delivery services that cannot deliver to P.O. boxes, mail to:

University of Virginia
Student Financial Services
1001 N. Emmet Street
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903


Non-UVA Scholarships Policy

Federal regulations require that the University consider all resources available to a student when determining eligibility for financial aid awards. Not reporting scholarships can result in late fees, account holds, and incorrect awarding of financial aid. SFS will notify the student if their non-UVA. scholarship causes a revision to their financial aid package.

Once again, unless otherwise specifically requested in writing by the donor or awarding agency, SFS will credit one half of the scholarship amount to the fall charges and one half to the spring. If you wish to have the entire amount applied to one semester only, please contact the donor to have them provide documentation of their request.