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Last updated: 5pm on 5/15/20

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January Term Financial Aid

Financial aid for January term is available for eligible undergraduate students currently enrolled in a degree program at the University of Virginia. Please note that all grant funding for January term is based on financial need, and there are no merit scholarships available through Student Financial Services.  Because January term is not a required term, grant funding is not guaranteed even if a student is eligible for grant funding for the fall and spring terms. Most students who attend January term will either need to use their own resources and/or they will need to use a Direct Parent PLUS loan (for undergraduate dependent students) or a private student loan to cover the cost of attendance. Students must make the decision of whether or not to attend January term with the understanding that financial aid awarded may only be in the form of loans. 

Follow this link to learn about responsibility for tuition and fees per the January Term withdrawal schedule.

Note: Students enrolled in non-UVA courses during the winter break are not eligible to receive financial aid from the University of Virginia to pay for such courses