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All SFS forms are available in PDF format. You may download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website (version 5.0 or higher is recommended).  Please note that all forms must be signed by hand.  Merely typing your name or using an electronic image of your signature will result in us rejecting the form and requiring resubmission on your part.

We cannot accept password-protected documents.  Sending protected documents will delay your financial aid processing.


Common Forms

Authorization to Release Financial Information -- (Completed by the Student) Allow University personnel to discuss student financial records with parties other than the student (e.g. parents). Without this form on file, our staff will be unable to offer important assistance to parents and others who have questions about the student account. We recommend all students complete this form.

Financial Aid Application Certification Form for 2018-2019 -- (Completed by the Student, and the Parent, if the student is a dependent student, who has completed the CSS/PROFILE online.)

Request for Student’s Taxpayer Identification Number Form (Substitute IRS W-9S Form) -- (Completed by the Student) For students who have been notified that they do not have a valid Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number on file in the SIS. International students who are not required to file U.S. tax returns should complete Part II (check the first box).