Giving Parents Permission to Access Information

Do you want your parents/guardians or other family members to have access to your UVA financial information, such as tuition billing or financial aid information?  Would you like for your parents or others to be able to pay your bill on your behalf?  Please provide the following authorizations to be sure your parents/guardians are kept in the loop about your finances at UVA.


Authorization to Release Financial Information Form

This form allows Student Financial Services to have free and open conversations on the phone, through email, or in person with those individuals authorized by the student.  Without this form, we cannot speak with anyone but the student about his or her UVA finances.


Establish Authorized Payers in QuikPay

In addition to having access to the student's on line billing statements, this authorization will also allow an Authorized Payer to: receive email notifications about new charges, past due charges, and applying for need-based financial aid; view charges on the student's account; sign up for the semester payment plan; and pay individual charges on the student account. through the Authorized Payer Login to QuikPay.


Creating an Authorized Payer Account

Only a student can create an authorized payer account. To begin, the student should log into his or her SIS account and click the link to QuikPay@UVA. Select "Authorize Payers" from the left-hand menu on the Message Board page, then click "Add New" on the resulting page, and follow the instructions to create a user name and password for your authorized payer. You must know the e-mail address of the person you wish to authorize. The authorized payer in turn will receive an e-mail immediately with instructions on how to log in to the system using the user name and password. Please ensure the email address you enter is correct or your authorized payer will not receive important email messages from our office.

The login name you set up for your authorized payer is upper-case/lower-case sensitive. Since the password is not contained within the e-mail they receive (for security reasons), you will need to tell them the password.

Parents or other payers authorized by the student will also be sent an e-mail notification when a statement is available, and can view the statement on-line prior to paying. The statement is displayed to authorized payers just as it is displayed to the student. The authorized payer can view all new charge activity in detail.

The student may revoke the access of an authorized payer at any time. Students can have up to 5 authorized payers active at any one time. For each authorized payer, a primary e-mail address is required and an alternate address may be specified. The payer is notified immediately by e-mail that they have been authorized and can then access the system to view the statement on the account and make payment.


Resetting an Authorized Payer's Password

Authorized payers must be informed of their passwords by the student who sets them up. If the password is forgotten, the student must reset the password as follows:

1. After logging in to the QuikPay system through the SIS, click on Authorize Payers.

2. Click edit beside the specific authorized payer.

3. Click Reset Password.

The authorized payer will receive an email almost immediately containing a temporary password. When logging in anew, the authorized payer must change this temporary password immediately. When changing, the authorized payer must enter the temporary password as the "old password" and then specify a new password.