Semester Payment Plan

The University of Virginia offers a monthly payment plan to help distribute the costs of education over 5 monthly payments. You may set up a payment plan, by semester, to pay for tuition, fees, room and board.

 Enrollment is done online through QuikPay; no enrollment can be made over the phone. To sign up:

  1. Log in to QuikPay (Authorized Payers) or SIS Student Center and click "QuikPay" (Students)
  2. Click "Make Payment"
  3. Click "Sign up for a Payment Plan"

All Payment Plan payments must be electronic, either by credit card (with a 2.75% convenience fee), or by e-check from your checking or savings account (no fee is associated with e-check payments). If you choose to use your credit card, we accept MasterCard, American Express or Discover. VISA has chosen not to participate in our program.

The cost per semester is $35 and is non-refundable. Of this $35, $25 goes to Nelnet Business Solutions, who manages the program, and $10 is paid to the University for administrative costs associated with this interest-free method of financing your term charges.  It should be noted that while many families find the monthly payment plan a convenient option, it is not mandatory that a student enroll in the plan. 

The plan is only available for use for the Fall and Spring terms each academic year. It is not available for Summer session or for January term. You must register for the payment plan separately for each semester for which you wish to take advantage of it.


How to Budget

At the time the plan becomes available, the semester bill will not have not been created yet.

For the Fall Semester, you may use the Cost of Attendance to estimate your payments, following the steps below. We suggest you budget in whole-dollar amounts.

  1. Add together charges for tuition, fees, room and board to determine total term charges for the year.
  2. Divide by two to get the charges for one semester.
  3. Subtract any anticipated credit you may have from financial aid, outside scholarships, or other sources.
  4. Consult the table in the next section below to determine what portion of this total will be allotted to each monthly installment. If a downpayment is required, it will be calculated for you automatically.

For the Spring Semester, the easiest method to calculate your charges is to review your Fall Semester bill in the "Statement History" section of your QuikPay account. Your Fall charges are generally a good guide to budgeting for the Spring.


Enrollment Period for Fall 2017

Enrollment Period

Down Payment

Number of Payments

Months of Payments

May 1 - June 1



June - October

June 2 - June 22



July - October

June 23 - July 27*



August - October

*Prior to the last date to set up a plan, you can call NelNet at 1-800-609-8056 either to increase or decrease payments on an existing plan. After July 27, 2017, you can call only to decrease or cancel remaining payments. Please allow approximately up to one week for changes to be reflected on the student's SIS account. If a credit results from a Payment Plan overpayment, the refund will be processed before the end of the term.