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1098-T Forms

1098-T forms, released at the end of January, report qualifying charges made during 2014, not payments you made to U.Va. Qualifying charges include tuition, mandatory (comprehensive) fees, off-grounds fees, but not housing or dining charges.  Tuition for non-credit classes is not a qualifying charge. For 2014, 1098-T forms will reflect charges for the Fall 2014 term (billed in July 2014) and the Spring 2015 term (billed in December 2014). For best viewing results, please ensure you have downloaded and installed Adobe Reader X. For detailed instructions how to receive your 1098-T form in electronic-only format, click here.

The University of Virginia will not produce a record of payments made during 2014. Please understand that our staff will be unable to reproduce your payment history for you. However, Current Account Activity in QuikPay will list your complete history of payments, including any check payments made in person or by mail. Please refer to QuikPay for this information.

If your tuition and fees were paid through the Virginia Pre-Paid Tuition Plan (VPEP), please contact them directly to obtain a record of payments made during 2014. They can be reached at 1-888-567-0540. If your payment was made through a pre-paid education program from a state other than Virginia, please contact that program directly to obtain a record of payments made to the University of Virginia.

As in all matters related to the tax implications of education expenses, our staff will be unable to advise parents and students. We strongly encourage you to speak with a qualified tax advisor to answer questions specific to you or your student. Information about education credits can be found here and here, and IRS publication 970 regarding tax benefits for education can be found here. In all cases, when claiming a tax credit or deduction, the taxpayer's financial records serve as the official supporting documentation for calculating the amount being claimed.

Several classes of students will not receive a 1098-T form. These are:

  • If you graduated in May 2014, your last charges were billed in December 2013, so you will not have a 1098-T form for 2014.  There is no need to contact Student Financial Services, as we are unable to process a 1098-T for you.  Please consult your tax advisor for advice on how to account for education-related expenses for 2014.

  • If scholarships are equal to or greater than the tuition charges, no 1098-T will be produced.

  • If you receive federal grants, and if your aid covers all your tuition and fees costs for the year, no 1098-T will be produced.

  • If academic credit was not obtained in the calendar year for which the 1098-T is generated, no 1098-T will be produced.

  • If your department paid your charges in full, no 1098-T will be produced.


How to read the information in the 1098-T form:

Box 2 - Amounts billed for qualified tuition and related expenses

  • Includes all eligible tuition and fee charges posted to the account during the tax year, regardless of the term, that fall within the calendar year 2014.

Box 4 – Adjustments made for a prior year

  • This box is used when tuition that was already reported in a prior year (for example, 2013) is reduced during the current tax year (2014) for a prior term.  The amount in this box is always a reduction from a prior year’s Box 2 amount.

Box 5 – Scholarships or grants

  • Includes all scholarships disbursed to the account during the tax year (2014), regardless of the term.

Box 6 – Adjustments to scholarship or grants for a prior year.

  • This box is used when scholarships that were originally disbursed in the prior calendar year are reduced during the current tax year (2014) for a prior term.