A Guide to the CSS Profile

The CSS Profile, administered by College Board, is an online application that collects information used by certain colleges, including UVA, and scholarship programs to award state and University funds. (Federal funds are awarded based on the FAFSA, available after October 1 each year at studentaid.gov

All first-year, returning, and transfer undergraduate students who wish to be considered for all forms of need-based financial aid are required to complete the Profile. Any student who is not required to complete the Profile will be notified by SFS.

For students wondering if they may be eligible for need-based aid, MyinTuition takes just a few minutes to complete and will provide a rough estimate of potential financial aid eligibility. Failure to submit or complete the Profile can result in a delayed or reduced financial aid offer compared to what a student may have received in a previous year. 

Beginning February 24, 2022, College Board is introducing a new sign in service for student College Board accounts through Okta. Students with existing College Board accounts will need to migrate to Okta. If you have questions about this transition, please contact College Board Customer Service.

Below we have provided links to resources for students and parents to review in preparation for filling out the Profile.