Student Collections

Students are responsible for payment in full of charges they incur by the due date. Any amount owed to the University including, but not limited to, tuition, fees, room, board, and loans, is considered a receivable to the University. A receivable becomes past due if payment is not received by the payment due date. When a receivable becomes past due a financial hold is placed that prevents students from registering for future terms or making changes to the current term schedule until the balance is paid in full. In addition, degree candidates must meet all financial requirements in order to be eligible for graduation-related privileges, including receiving their diploma and having their degree conferred. Every student who has attended the University since Fall 2012 has been required to sign a Financial Responsibility Agreement by which the student agrees to pay all charges on their student account.

See the Financial Responsibility Agreement

UVA Collections’ primary responsibility is to collect delinquent long-term student loans and delinquent accounts receivables over 120 days from inactive students. Students are referred to internal UVA collections when enrollment with the University is inactivated. See the Collection Timeline below regarding UVA Collections activity and referral process to outside collection agencies at this link. Currently enrolled students are excluded from the collection process. The aging date for receivables derives from the original due date of the charges posted on the student account.  

UVA Collections assists students to identify options for paying their past due account balances.

Collecting delinquent debts involves multiple communications methods including written, verbal, and in person. All students are managed through internal UVA Collections prior to being referred to outside collection agencies. If you received notice that your account was referred to a collection agency, all payment arrangements must be made through the collection agency.

There are many terms related to collections activities that you might not be familiar with, so we have created a glossary of common terms available at this link for you to keep close by as a reference.

    Disputed Charges

    UVA Collections is responsible for managing the past due debt. If you feel that you are being charged incorrectly, you should contact the department directly, as this office collects on behalf of the University departments. If you are unsure who to contact, you can email our office and we can assist in obtaining the information for you.

    Collection Payment Plans

    When students reach Collection status, eligible students, based on account balance, are offered collection payment plans that carry no interest. If eligible for this payment plan, students and their Authorized Users will be notified by email from UVAPay. Only students can enroll in a collection payment plan. Authorized Users cannot enroll in collection payment plans on behalf of their students. Students select the number of installments they prefer, the date they want their automated payment to be processed every month, and pay a one-time $45 enrollment fee.

    Collection payment plans can also be customized, within guidelines and limitations, to fit the student's monthly budget. Student must consult with UVA Collections staff to arrange a customized payment plan.

    Students will not be permitted to register for a new term, have access to their official transcript(s), or diplomas until the account balance is paid in full, even if the student is enrolled in a Collection Payment Plan.

    Pay Your Bill Online or by Check

    There are several payment options available to you.

    • Online through UVAPay (for students and authorized users)
      • Payment plan: You can enroll in an online payment plan for monthly installments.
      • E-check/ACH payments are FREE and must be drawn on standard U.S. checking or savings accounts (routing and account numbers required).
      • Credit/Debit Card payments incur a 2.75% service fee.
      • International payments: executed through Flywire via UVAPay.
      • Domestic Wire transfers: executed through Flywire via UVAPay.
    • By check mailed to Student Financial Services via USPS or express mail, or in person at the Cashier's Office in Carruthers Hall. For security and privacy reasons, our customer service representatives cannot take payment over the phone. See payment addresses.


    Please note: A $50.00 return check fee will be assessed to your student account for all ACH or paper checks processed as nonsufficient funds (NSF). The $50.00 fee is in accordance with Virginia State Law (Va Code §8.01-27.1).

    Student Collection Timeline

    Days Past Due

    Action Taken


    Active/Current Student Billing


    1st Past Due Notice Letter & Student Enters Internal UVA Collections

    • Student Finance Hold remains on student account until balance is paid in full
    • Transcript block applies for students entered into UVA Internal Collections
    • 1st letter mailed with itemized bill to student (See example of 1st Past Due Notice Letter)
    • Payment Plan offer email sent via UVAPay
    • Reminder emails sent weekly


    2nd Past Due Notice Mailed to Address on File


    1st Phone Call

    • Call made to phone number(s) on file
    • Reminder emails continue via UVAPay (weekly)


    2nd Phone Call

    • Call made to phone number(s) on file
    • Reminder emails continue via UVAPay (biweekly)
    • Advise customer of their potential to be assigned to SODC or collection agency


    3rd and Final Past Due Notice Mailed and Final Offer Email Sent By UVAPay

    • Mailed to address on file (See example of 3rd Past Due Notice Letter)
    • Reminder emails continue via UVAPay (biweekly)
    • Advises customer that their account will be submitted to SODC
    • Advises customer that their account may be sent to a Collection Agency


    Bad Debt Assigned to Collection Agency for 365 Days (1st Agency Placement)

    • Payment Plan offer expires in UVAPay
    • Registration and Transcript blocks remain placed on accounts.
    • Student is no longer able to settle debt through UVA
    • Debt is settled through Outside Collection Agency (additional fees apply)


    Account is Returned to UVA After One Year with 1st Placement Agency

    • Account re-enters UVAPay activity and tracking for 60 days
    • Reminder emails resume (weekly)
    • If student enrolls in plan, no additional agency fees assessed


    Account is Sent to Alternate Collection Agency for 365 Days (2nd Agency Placement)


    Account Returned to UVA after 365 Days for Final Write-Off

    • Registration and Transcript blocks remain placed on accounts

    December 31

    Send Account to SODC

    • SODC provides the University the ability to recover a customer debt through withheld income taxes, and other state payments
    • SFS refreshes records and sends updated file of accounts > 365 days to SODC
    • SODC is executed at least on a yearly basis effective 12/31 of each year (UVA sends new SODC records on a quarterly basis)


    Set-Off Debt Collection Program

    The Set-Off Debt Collection (SODC) program was enacted by the Virginia General Assembly to provide Virginia agencies with the ability to collect unpaid debts by withholding funds from tax refunds, lottery winnings, and similar payments issued by other state agencies.  For example, funds may be withheld from a debtor's state income tax refund to pay an overdue receivable held by a Virginia educational institution. The University is required by law to use these programs to collect delinquent outstanding debts.

    The SODC Process:

    • Prior to entering a debt into the SODC program, UVA Collections will send several written and emailed notifications to the student as indicates in the Collections Timeline, noted above.
    • Student Collections continues its collection efforts until notified by the SODC program that the claim has been matched to an outgoing payment from another Virginia agency that is sufficient to settle the debt.
    • When notified that a claim is matched, Student Collections verifies whether the debt remains valid (uncollected) and then provides the customer with written notice of the exact amount being withheld, the reason it is owed to the University, the amount of any remaining balance, and information on how to dispute the claim.
    • The customer has 30 days from the date the notice was mailed to formally dispute the claim by contacting Student Collections (

    Note: Funds collected through the SODC program are not applied to University debt until received from the Commonwealth of Virginia, which can take up to 3 months.

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