Requesting Changes to Your Aid

Special Circumstance Appeals

We calculate how much financial aid you can get based on the FAFSA, the Profile, and any other information we require along the way. We review income and asset information using a formula called Federal Methodology, which is set by the U.S. Congress. The formula assumes that the base tax year’s income, assets, and family size are good indicators of a family’s current financial wellness. However, the Department of Education allows us to use Professional Judgment on a case by case basis to make changes that take into consideration a family’s special circumstances, including major changes in the time since the base tax year has ended.

You'll supply supporting documentation when you submit a Special Circumstance Appeal. Review of appeals can begin as early as the winter for entering students and as early as late spring for returning students. Whenever you submit your appeal, keep in mind that the student and/or parents are responsible for payment of all charges by the due date.

For more information about what you can appeal, please visit our Special Circumstance Appeals page.