Spring Graduates: Loan Repayment

Repayment for Direct Loans begins six months after a student leaves school or drops below half-time (six credit hours). For more information, including repayment plan and deferment options, please see the FSA Guide to Repaying Your Federal Student Loans.  Remember, you can always come in to SFS to talk with a counselor about repayment options and strategies.  We want to help!

Class of 2018: Check your balance in SIS

Pay by April 30 to avoid hiccups with graduation.

Understanding Your Preliminary Award Letter

The preliminary financial aid award (for entering students only) represents a comprehensive review of your family's financial strength.  Go to the Preliminary Award page to learn more about the elements of your award.

Summer Financial Aid

Plan for your summer studies with everything you need to know about aid for Summer on Grounds and Study Abroad.  If you are studying on-Grounds and are interested in financial aid, don't forget to complete the Summer Financial Aid Application Form