A Listing of AccessUVA Scholarships

AccessUVA is the umbrella name for the University of Virginia's need-based financial aid program for undergraduate students. Much of the time, a student can recognize AccessUVA grants on their financial aid offer by the simple name "AccessUVA Scholarship". However, there are many other named awards that are effectively AccessUVA grants, and students may not understand, at first glance, that other grants listed on their offer are, in fact, part of the AccessUVA program. 

We've compiled a list of these other named offers here for your reference, and there are a lot of them! Use the Ctrl + F find function to see if the scholarship that is listed on your offer letter is included on this list. If it is, then you know the unfamiliar name on your financial aid offer is in fact an AccessUVA offer.

This first table lists AccessUVA replacement awards that are equivalents to the "AccessUVA Scholarship" name. They do not need to be repaid.

Altria Scholars Fund

ARAMARK Scholarship

Cohen Scholarship Gift Fund

Dupont Undergraduate Grant

State Undergraduate Aid

Class of 1936 Sholarship

T. F. Ryan Scholarship

Myerley Trust Scholarship

General Schol Quasi

Armour Scholarship

Helen Marks Scholarship

J. T. Brown Scholarship

H. L. Carter Scholarship

J. H. Curd Scholarship

W. C. Dunlop Scholarship

F. S. Hall Scholarship

E. W. Holcomb Scholarship

J. R. Humphrey Scholarship

J. B. Latimer Scholarship

Macrae Fund

J. Maxwell Scholarship

H. S. Nuckols Scholarship

S. E. Wright Scholarship

Randall-Maciver Scholarship

C. M. Roberts Scholarship

T. F. Ryan Scholarship

D. K. Stewart Scholarship

E. Woolford Scholarship

W. Yulee Scholarship

M. F. Maury Memorial Fund

GE College Bowl Fund

Jerdone Scholarship

C. M.  and F. B. Martin Scholarship

G. M. Lapierre Scholarship

Reader’s Digest Scholarship

O. E. Smith Scholarship

Crestar Scholarship

J. B. Dupont Scholarship

R. S. and J. W. Fleet Scholarship

A. R. Guy Scholarship

W. B Fitzgerald Scholarship

E. L. Dyer Scholarship

Barr Endowed Scholarship

Colgate Darden Scholarship

Williams Scholarship

Hargroves Memorial Scholarship

Hoffman AccessUVA Scholarship

Berning Scholarship

Blue Ridge Scholarship Endowment

Thomas Scholarship Fund

Oldfield Scholarship Fund

Goldberg Family Scholarship

Carter Need-Based Scholarship

University Scholarship Endowment

Robert S. McKee Scholarship

Beck Family Scholarship

Hauptfuhrer Scholarship Endowment

University Bicentennial Scholarship

Dona and Henry Oldfield Scholarship

Hilltop Foundation Scholarship

Heather Heyer Memorial Scholarship

UVA Bookstore and Cavalier Computers Scholarship

Shelby Cullom Davis Scholarship


The scholarships listed below are other endowed University scholarships that SFS manages and awards according to the requirements of the donor. These scholarships, while not technically considered AccessUVA scholarships, will replace AccessUVA fund sources when they are awarded to a student. In the end, the amount of grant money awarded to a student (that is, free money from the University) will be no different, but we provide this second table to help students and their families know for sure that promised funds have been applied to their financial aid offer.

Adatto, Kenneth N and Barbara B Endowed  Scholarship

Harrington, Monte S and Pamela P Schl Fund

Ritzenberg, Sylvia and Saul Scholarship Fund

Adger, John B Scholarship

Heartwood Scholarship Fund

Ross, Charles S. Scholarship Fund

Alabama Opportunity Fund

Hinman, John Gilbert Cadmus  Endowed Scholarship

Rugby Road Friends Scholarship

Anonymous Arts and Sciences Endowed Scholarship Fund

Hoxton, Helen and Llewellyn Griffith Scholarship

Sandridge, Leonard and Jerry  Scholars Fund - BCS - Bicentennial

Barber, George C. Schl

Hudson, Laura C Scholarship

SFS Lambert-Woods Scholarship

Barringer, Paul B. Scholarship  Fund

Javor, Henry J. Scholars Fund - BCS - Bicentennial

SFS Lambert-Woods Travel Scholarship

Bass, Kenneth C. Jr Endowed Scholarship

Johns, Lillie Mae and Alva B Scholarship Fund

Shapiro, Dorothy M and Andrew D  Scholarship Fund

Bayly, Thomas H and Evelyn and Louis Tiffany Fellowships

Kaye, Laura Endowed Scholarship Fund

Sinclair, Cephas H Scholarship

Bayly, Thomas H and Evelyn and Louis Tiffany Fellowships - [LAW]

Khan, Captain Humayun Memorial - BCS - Bicentennial

Smith, Judge Francis Sr. W and Avee Chiles Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship Fund

Bayly, Thomas H and Evelyn and Louis Tiffany Fellowships - [MED]

Kimball, Andrew C  Memorial

Soper, James P Jr Endowed Scholarship Fund

Beck Family Scholarship Fund

Klaff, Louis & Gretchen Scholarship

Sutherland, M Y Jr Endowed Fund

Birely, Valentine Scholarship

Lebovitz Goldman Sachs, Scott and Fran

Texans at UVA

Blackburn, John A Scholarship

Lee-Lindsey Scholarship Fund

Thomas, Benjamin F Scholarship

Buchanan, Robert J Scholarship Fund

Love, John Allan Scholarship/Fellowship Fund

Thomas, Benjamin Scholarship

Busse-Huggins Six East Range Fund

Luttrell, Deward H. Jr Scholarship Fund

Toms, Zack Scholarship Fund

Campbell, Ellen and Gilbert Endowed Scholarship Fund

Maryland Merit Award Program

V Club Scholarship

Cantwell, Leslie M and Charles W Scholarship Fund

Mason, Leona I and Linton Memorial Scholarship

Waddy, Robert Burns Scholarship

Cary, Isaac L Scholarship

Mbna Scholarship Fund

Wagenheim Memorial Scholarship Fund

Cauthen, Irby Endowed Scholarship Fund

McGarvey EN CIVIL Gift

Walker, Davis and Ina  Endowed Scholarship Fund

Cavalier Adventure Fund

Mckee, Robert S Scholarship

Walker, John Thomas Memorial Scholarship Fund

Cleveland County NC Scholarship Fund

MCM Foundation Scholarship Fund

Watkins, Phillips C  Schl

College of Arts and Sciences Unrestricted Scholarship Fund

Mellon, Paul Scholarship Fund

Watson Scholarship 1

Cooke, Edward  Scholarship Fund

Merle, Andrew W and Anna B  Scholarship

Watson Scholarship 1

DeButts, Richard F & Helen H Scholarship in English

Minor, Berkeley and Susan Fontaine Scholarship

Watson, Dr. Thomas L  Sr. Scholarship Fund

Egan, R. J. & L. M. - BCS

Musick, Robert R. Memorial Gift

Watson, HC & CW Watson Scholarship

Ferguson, Joyce M & James J Scholarship Endowment for Arts & Sciences

Musick, Robert R. Memorial Scholarship

Watson, Herman C and Carrie W Memorial Scholarship

Ferguson, Joyce M & James J Scholarship Fund for Arts & Sciences - Gift

Naughton, Timothy J & Diane H Scholarship - BCS - Bicentennial

Watts, Samuel Scholarship

FII-Holland Scholar Alumni

Packer Family, Bicentennial Scholars - BCS

Wells, John R and Robbie M Memorial Scholarship

First and Merchants National Bank Scholarship

Packer Goldman Sachs, Craig W. and Suzanne E.  Scholarship Fund

White, Michael Bright - BCS

Flournoy-Threadcraft Trust Scholarship

Packer Goldman Sachs, Craig W. and Suzanne E. Gift Fund

White, Michael Bright Scholarship

Forehand, V Thomas Jr Endowed Scholarship Fund

Pankey, Thomas Maury and Nora Hall Scholarship Fund

Williams, Jesse Parker Scholarship

Gilcrist, Barth Endowed Engineering Scholarship

Parkansky RN BSN Gift - BCS

Wine, Mary Ann and J David  Scholarship Fund

Greenwood Scholarship -  Boswell, Henson R Jr Foundation

Parkansky RN BSN Schl - BCS

Wise, N & B A&S Scholarship

Gustafson Family Endowed Scholarship Fund

Parrott, Harold S. Schl Fd

Witt and Coleman, Joseph  Ruth Brown Endowed Scholarship Fund

Hamilton, Susan and E Blanton Jr Scholarship

Prall, Dr. Robert C. Schl

Wonson, Charles Fred Fund

Hamovit, George Memorial Fund

Read, Margaret Kendall and Samuel Bertolet  Undergraduate Scholarship Fund

Yuill, Gertrude A Scholarship Fund

Harker Family Schl Fund - BCS - Bicentennial

Rinehart, Hollis Scholarship

Zolides, Marc Jonathan Scholarship Fund

Harrington, M.S. and P.P. Gift

Rinehart, Jill T Scholarship Fund