Federal Work Study Administrators


Student Employment Virtual Fair

With the virtual start to the Fall 2020 Academic year, many students are working hard to find work study jobs across Grounds and to build connections with departments looking for student employees.

In order to facilitate connections between departments and students, the Career Center will be hosting a virtual Student Employment Fair on August 28th from 1pm – 3pm. The event will be hosted via Zoom.

If your department is interested in participating, please fill out this form and the Career Center will follow-up with additional details.


Please contact Andy Cavanaugh, [email protected], with any questions. 

We hope you are safe and well. UVA's Federal Work Study (FWS) program is undergoing some refinement this year, with the aim of more fully integrating and streamlining the process for departments, especially regarding the submission of vouchers and job descriptions to Student Financial Services. We anticipate that the updated Handbook - including detailed instructions and job aids covering the new approach - will be ready in early August. We appreciate your patience until then! In the meantime, feel free to check out the FAQs below, and let us know about any other time-sensitive questions you may have by contacting us at [email protected] (for supervisors) or [email protected] (for students):

Will the Federal Work Study program be available at UVA for 2020-2021?

Yes. As in past years, eligible students will receive work-study offers based on our usual policies.

Does UVA's hiring freeze apply to FWS positions?

No, the current hiring freeze does not apply to FWS positions.

Since some students may be attending classes remotely, will students be able to work remotely as well?

Yes. As was possible during the last half of Spring 2020, they may opt to work remotely if the position for which they are hired can accommodate that. Additionally, as in past years, FWS students may seek work-study or non-work-study positions; they may choose to work for UVA or for other employers; they may work in person or they may decline to work entirely. 

What if FWS students can't find jobs - can they be paid anyway, as they were last spring?

The U.S. Department of Education is not currently granting exceptions for students to receive payment without working, meaning students will only be paid for work performed. Thus, all students who wish to be paid will need to locate jobs they can manage from wherever they are, whether that's in Charlottesville or elsewhere. Then they would submit their hours in Workday as usual, being paid biweekly for any hours approved.

What are the starting and ending dates for FWS jobs for 2020-2021?

This year FWS jobs may start no earlier than August 25, 2020 and may end no later than May 14, 2021.

When are students' FWS offers visible to potential employers?

Students' aid offers will continue to be issued throughout the summer. As FWS offers are issued, they become visible in UBI. When viewing the Work-Study Analysis report in UBI, under "Select Aid Year" in the left-hand sidebar, be sure to select 2021. If there is an "Offer Amount" greater than zero for a particular student, s/he has been offered an FWS award and may be hired into an FWS position. If there is an "Accepted Amount" greater than zero, s/he has accepted that offer and may be paid FWS funds. If you want to hire a student who has not yet accepted their FWS offer, please ask them to accept the offer in SIS, so the funds will flow appropriately.

Can I begin posting my open FWS positions now, in Workday?

Please wait to advertise your positions until the Wage Authorization for the Academic Areas has been updated for 2020-2021. This will ensure that you are advertising positions at the appropriate wage rates. You will know that our office has translated the overall authorization into FWS-related wage bands when we notify you in early August that the FWS Employer Handbook is available.

Can I begin setting up my students now, in Workday?

Please wait to set up students in Workday until the new FWS Employer Handbook is available, sometime in early August. All those who received notices this past spring about our various COVID-related policy adjustments will receive a start-of-year notification in August. If you did not receive any FWS-related emails from SFS in Spring 2020, please contact [email protected] to ensure you're on our mailing list.

Does it matter whether I set up a student in an FWS or a student wage job? Won't they be paid regardless?

Students who work and submit hours will be paid, regardless of whether they are set up in an FWS or a student wage position. However, for several reasons it works best to use FWS positions for all students who have FWS awards:

  1. a department contributes only 25% to the cost of employing a student in an FWS position (vs. 100% in a student wage position)
  2. if UVA does not use all of its FWS funds, we risk potentially losing funds in future years
  3. if in the future we are given payment flexibilities such as those the federal government offered in March 2020, it is likely that only students in FWS positions would be covered