Federal Work Study Administrators


Check out the FAQs below, and let us know about any other time-sensitive questions you may have by contacting us at [email protected] (for supervisors) or [email protected] (for students):

What are the starting and ending dates for FWS jobs for 2023-2024?

This year FWS jobs may start no earlier than August 22, 2023 and may end no later than May 10, 2024.

When are students' FWS offers visible to potential employers?

Students' aid offers will continue to be issued throughout the summer. As FWS offers are issued, they become visible in UBI. When viewing the Work-Study Analysis report in UBI, under "Select Aid Year" in the left-hand sidebar, be sure to select 2024. If there is an "Offer Amount" greater than zero for a particular student, s/he has been offered an FWS award and may be hired into an FWS position. If there is an "Accepted Amount" greater than zero, s/he has accepted that offer and may be paid FWS funds. If you want to hire a student who has not yet accepted their FWS offer, please ask them to accept the offer in SIS, so the funds will flow appropriately.

Can I begin posting my open FWS positions now, in Workday?

Please wait to advertise your positions until the Wage Authorization for the Academic Areas has been updated for 2023-2024. This will ensure that you are advertising positions at the appropriate wage rates. You will know that our office has translated the overall authorization into FWS-related wage bands when we notify you in early August that the FWS Employer Handbook is available.

Can I begin setting up my students now, in Workday?

Please wait to set up students in Workday until the new FWS Employer Handbook is available, sometime in late July.

Does it matter whether I set up a student in an FWS or a student wage job? Won't they be paid regardless?

Students who work and submit hours will be paid, regardless of whether they are set up in an FWS or a student wage position. However, for several reasons it works best to use FWS positions for all students who have FWS awards:

  1. a department contributes only 25% to the cost of employing a student in an FWS position (vs. 100% in a student wage position)
  2. if UVA does not use all of its FWS funds, we risk potentially losing funds in future years