Student Account Holds

The following are descriptions of holds and instructions for resolving holds that commonly appear on student accounts. Many of these holds are the result of charges placed by departments other than SFS. You should contact the department placing the charge directly, as details about the charges are usually not provided to SFS.

Student Finance Hold

The Student Finance Hold (SFH) applies to students who have a past-due balance and do not have sufficient scheduled resources (such as anticipated financial aid, scholarship funding, payment plans, third party sponsorship, and/or VA benefits) to cover the balance due. 

This hold prevents students from enrolling in courses for future terms and changing courses for the current term during the drop/add period. Students can review their account through SIS and can contact Student Financial Services for further information about their past due balances. Student Finance Holds may prevent refunds to the student (at the beginning of the term)If this hold is in place on the first Friday of the semester, you may be inactivated as a student for that term. As applicable, your University I.D. card will be deactivated, and Housing, Dining, Cavalier Advantage, and all other student privileges will be unavailable. 

Students are advised to make payment immediately through UVAPay or at the Cashier's Office in Carruthers Hall; or to contact Student Financial Services to review payment arrangement options in order to release this hold.

Note: Holds are released immediately if payment is received through UVAPay. Holds should be released within 24 hours if alternative payment is submitted or alternative payment arrangements are secured. 

SFS Transcript Hold

Inactive students with any past due balance on their student account and who have entered UVA Internal Collections will have a hold preventing them from getting their official transcript. This hold only prevents students from getting an official transcript. Students can review their "Account Activity" tab in UVAPay to see the charges and amounts that are past due and make payment to resolve the hold.

Note: Students who contact SFS and request an official transcript for employment purposes or to transfer to another University may receive an official transcript provided appropriate arrangements are made with SFS or an outside collection agency to resolve their outstanding debt. (Student Collections Timeline: