Videos and Other Resources

Student Wellness Resources

Follow this link to access the UVA Student Wellness Resource Guide, a one-page starting point for addressing questions about food, housing, transportation, peer resources, and general health and safety.

Loan Exit Counseling Information

Follow this link to access information about federal loan exit counseling.

Great Advice for Graduates

This free e-guide, courtesy of Inceptia, is designed to provide graduating fourth years with the financial and career advice they need to make informed choices to move forward. This guide contains information about student loan repayment, as well as timely info on inflation, social media finance tips, and credit scores.

Access the Guide here 


We get it. Some of you prefer to read content, others prefer to just do it, but some of us really want to get a visual sense for subject matter. Search our video library below for helpful content on topics from applying for financial aid to opening up your first credit card account. 

Another one of our favorite sources for video content is the "It's a Money Thing" video library from the University of Virginia Community Credit Union. Choose from over 30 brief videos to help you crack the code on matters of personal financial interest to you.