Other Charges & Who to Contact

Many departments are the source of charges to a student's account. In some cases, Student Financial Services does not have any detail about when or why a specific charge was incurred. For instance, the UVA Bookstore may place a charge on the student's account 1-2 weeks after it was incurred, and they do not provide SFS with an itemized receipt. Please see the table below to determine which department has the information you seek.

For legal reasons, the department placing the charge may not be able to provide information to anyone otherthan the student, even if the student is a legal dependent. To give permission for SFS to speak with someone other than the student regarding his or her account, the student must set up authorized users in UVAPay.


Charge Description Department Placing Charge
Admission Deposit Reserve an accepted applicant's place at the University. Admissions
(434) 982-3200
Architecture Printing Surcharge for specialty printing. Architecture
(434) 924-3715
Bookstore Charge made using the student ID card at the UVA Bookstore or Cavalier Computers. Bookstore
(434) 924-3721
Comprehensive Fees Students enrolled at the University are assessed mandatory fees which help pay for the facilities and services available to regular session students. Please view the approved Tuition and Fees documents for more details.

Financial Planning and Analysis (434) 924-3386

Dining Charge for semester meal plan or Plus Dollars added to an existing plan. Dining
(434) 982-5140
Honor Loan Repayment due for emergency loan. Student Affairs
(434) 924-7133
Housing/Rent Charge for rental of on-Grounds housing. Housing
(434) 924-3736
Housing-Access Ctl/Lock Charge  Charge for re-keying dorm room lock. Housing
(434) 924-3736
International Service Fees Fee for services for non-US citizens. International Studies
(434) 982-3010
Student Health Insurance Charge for student health insurance. Student Health
(434) 924-1525
Emergency Loan Fund Repayment due for emergency loan. Student Financial Services
(434) 982-6000
Library Late/Replacement Fee Fine for late return or non-return of library property. Various Libraries
ODOS Emergency Ride Charge for elective use of emergency taxi service. Student Affairs
(434) 924-7133
Orientation Fees Charge for first-year orientation (first semester only). Admissions
(434) 982-3200
Parking Citation Fine for parking or traffic violation. Parking & Transportation
(434) 924-7231
Refund Excess aid or payment returned to student. Student Financial Services
(434) 982-6000
Residency Determinations for in-state vs. out-of-state tuition privileges. Office of Virginia Status
School Activity Fee Fee for departmental activities, varies by school. Student's School of Enrollment
School Fee Architecture Surcharge for specialty academic program. Architecture
(434) 924-3715
Student Health Charges incurred at the Student Health Center. Student Health
(434) 924-1525