Scholarships Identified and Awarded by SFS

Bayly-Tiffany Scholarship: For undergraduate students who are residents of Accomack or Northampton counties in Virginia.

V. Thomas Forehand, Jr. Scholarship: For an undergraduate student from the city of Chesapeake, who attended Oscar F. Smith High School, Norfolk Academy, or Nansemond-Suffolk Academy.

John Allen Love Scholarship: For a deserving undergraduate or graduate student whose home is Missouri. Preference shall be given to applicants who reside in St. Louis or St. Louis County, with first preference to those residing in St. Louis County, and also to those who are enrolled in courses in the Department of Government and Foreign Affairs.

Charles Fred Wonson Scholarship: For students who are graduates of Staunton High School (formerly known as Robert E. Lee High School) in Staunton, Virginia.

Kenneth N. and Barbara B. Adatto Scholarship: The purpose of the Kenneth N. and Barbara B. Adatto Endowed Scholarship Fund is to provide scholarships to students enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences, with preference given to Echols Scholars from the state of Louisiana. Recipients of the scholarships will be selected by the Dean of the Faculty.

John A. Blackburn Scholarship: The Blackburn scholarship was established to honor John A. “Jack” Blackburn, who served as dean of admission from 1985 until he died in 2009. Friends and colleagues of the former dean created the scholarship and began raising funds when they first learned he was ill. More than $1.8 million has been raised so far, including a contribution from all deans of admission at Virginia public universities.

Thomas Pinckney Bryan Memorial Scholarship: The beneficiary or recipient of this scholarship shall be designated by the Principal of the Episcopal High School of Virginia after consultation with such members of the Faculty and such of the older students as to the Principal may seem desirable, and with the approval of the donor.
Such designation is to be made annually, provided, however, that upon the recommendation of the Principal, and with the approval of the Donor, the recipient of the Scholarship may be re-appointed annually to succeed himself, but in no case shall any one appointed receive the benefit of said Scholarship for more than three regular scholastic years at the University of Virginia.

Chick-Fil-A Bowl Scholarship:  Provides full or partial scholarship on the basis of merit, with a preference for demonstrated leadership potential.  Further preference is given to undergraduate students from the Atlanta, Georgia, public school system who participated in the National Football Foundation's Play It Smart program.

Cleveland County, North Carolina, Scholarship:  Awarded annually to one or more students who have demonstrated financial need, have demonstrated academic merit, and who reside in Cleveland County, North Carolina.

Edward Cooke Scholarship Fund:  The University of Virginia has received a gift of more than $1.3 million from the estate of educator Edward Cooke to fund scholarships for needy students, particularly students from the Petersburg area.


Halifax County/South Boston Endowed Scholarship

Criteria for Awarding: The scholarship provides support to undergraduate students from the South Boston or Halifax County, Va., areas who have demonstrated financial need.

History: James Bradshaw (Col '71) created the Halifax County/South Boston, Virginia, Endowed Scholarship Fund in 1991. Mr. Bradshaw, a native of Halifax County, funded the scholarship to increase economic and geographic diversity at the University, specifically targeted for prospective students from the southern part of Virginia.


George E. Hamovit Memorial Scholarship:  Need-based scholarship, renewable each year, given to a student from Petersburg, VA who attended Petersburg High School.

Henson R. Boswell, Jr., Foundation Greenwood Scholarships:  Preference for the Greenwood Scholarships is given to students who reside in, or who have resided in, Greenwood, Virginia (Albemarle County).

Andrew C. Kimball Memorial Scholarship: To help a promising Wakefield High School graduate who is attending or planning to attend the University.

Jayne W. McGowan Memorial Scholarship: The Hearin-Chandler Foundation established this fund to honor the memory of Jayne Warren McGowan, Class of 2003, who passed away unexpectedly on November 9, 2007. The foundation and the McGowan family hope that by establishing this scholarship, students attending Fayetteville-Manlius High School in Manlius, N.Y., from which Jayne graduated, will be encouraged to apply for admission to the University of Virginia.

Paul Mellon Scholarship:  Is to be awarded to meritorious undergraduate students with demonstrated financial need, who reside in Fauquier County, Virginia.  This award is renewable annually as long as the recipients maintain satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of their degree programs.

Oliver Linwood Perry Endowed Scholarship:  Awarded to undergraduate and graduate students attending the University of Virginia who demonstrate a history of service with Native American communities.  There is preference given to work done with communities indigenous to the Commonwealth of Virginia within its current geographic boundaries.

Sarah Seward Scholarship:  Awarded to graduates of Petersburg High School for one year.  Recipients are chosen by the Petersburg School Board.

Simon Seward Scholarship: Awarded to graduates of Petersburg High School for one year.  Recipients are chosen by the Petersburg School Board.

Benjamin F. Thomas Scholarship: This is a need-based scholarship.  Preference is given to graduates of Chattanooga and Hamilton County (Tennessee) schools who demonstrate academic aptitude.

University Achievement Award:  Awarded to exceptional students from Virginia who will add to the diversity of the student population. The award covers full tuition and required fees. Awards are based primarily on Virginia residency, academic merit, leadership, and outstanding citizenship. A student must also satisfy at least two of the following conditions: (1) have a history of overcoming adversity; (2) be a first generation college student; (3) be a member of an underrepresented minority or ethnic group; (4) be a member of a low income family; (5) reside in a rural or inner-city location; (6) have been raised in a single parent household.  A committee reviews all applicants from Virginia for possible awards, and notifications are sent in early April.

Robert Waddy Scholarship: Created according to the dictates of the will of Robert Waddy of Fayette County, Kentucky.

H. C. Watson Memorial Scholarship:  Awarded to students from Northampton and Accomack Counties in Virginia who are also receiving the Bayly-Tiffany Scholarship.