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Whether you are thinking about applying to UVA, considering moving from one school to another at UVA, or just trying to get a sense for what your costs might look like for the year ahead, the Estimator can provide you a customized view of what your costs are likely to be for your situation. Just choose the best option in each section to describe who you are (or who you plan to become), and we’ll give you a sense not only for your costs for one year but a crystal ball projection of what your overall costs for your program might be.

Don’t worry if you make a mistake. Just click the “Reset” button to start again. And if you want an email sent to you with your results, complete the information at the bottom of the form.

Note that if any financial resources you include are in the form of student or parent loan funds, there is an origination fee for federal loans that will reduce the amount of money that is actually disbursed.

If you expect to set up a semester payment plan, you can use the amounts for tuition, fees, housing, and food costs that you expect to be billed for by UVA to guide your planning. Just add those together and divide by two to estimate your semester costs for those items.

Follow these links for more information about Housing, Dining options, and Virginia residency. We also encourage you to read more about the University's health insurance requirement as you calculate your costs.

To get started, enter your residency status, your school of enrollment, and your year in school in the upcoming year.


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