SFS Operational Updates

All SFS staff continue to work from their homes, even as Carruthers Hall remains closed to walk-in traffic.  We are answering email and keeping regular phone hours. If you need assistance, please send an email to [email protected] or call at (434) 982-6000. The closure includes Cashiering functions as well; departmental deposits and expenditure credits should be submitted through messenger mail.

Use this link to access the University's coronavirus information page.


CARES Act Student Emergency Funding for the Winter 2020/Spring 2021

Since mid-March 2020, UVA has provided eligible students with emergency hardship support through the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) for expenses related to the disruption of on-Grounds operations due to COVID-19. Awards have included funding for technology, food support, household incidentals and COVID related health expenses.

The initial student allocation of CARES Act funding provided by the Department of Education in March 2020 has been fully distributed to eligible students. 

Additional funds were approved in late December, but at this time we have not received the final information necessary to begin awarding this new allocation.  Once we receive further information, our processes for providing emergency funding will continue.  You may continue to use the Winter 2020/Spring 2021 CARES application to request emergency funds but be aware that there will be a delay in processing. The Winter/Spring CARES Act Emergency Funding application is linked below. Netbadge login credentials are required.

The Winter/Spring CARES Act Emergency Funding application is linked below. Netbadge login credentials are required.



Undergraduate Financial Aid for Spring 2021

There are several scenarios that might result in changes to a student's financial aid, and some of them are highlighted by the specific circumstances of the spring 2021 term.  Please see more information on our Determining Need webpage about how your financial may be adjusted to match your circumstances for the spring term.  Students expected to have University grant funding for spring 2021 should have received two emails from SFS, one December 10th and one on January 12th, with more detailed information.

For the spring 2021 term--consistent with the fall 2020 term--we recognize that certain services covered by the comprehensive fee and the University activity fee will not be fully available for students who are not living or learning on Grounds or in Charlottesville or Albemarle County. Accordingly, the University is reducing by $660 the spring 2021 comprehensive fee and the University activity fee for those in-state and out-of-state students who will not be living or learning on-Grounds or in the local community. This change should be reflected on the student account within a few days of the student completing all Covid-related required tasks in their SIS account.

Adjustments to Housing and Dining Charges for the End of the Fall Semester

On December 14th, the University provided adjustments to eligible undergraduate housing and dining charges related to the end of the fall term. Eligible students may see adjustments reflected in the fall OR spring term account activity in UVAPay. These adjustments are separate from the ones students may have previously received on September 21st.

Bridge Scholarships

For information about the newly-created Bridge Scholarship, please visit our page on appealing for a reconsideration of financial aid eligibility.

Emergency Loans

If you wish to use the Emergency Loan program, please call SFS directly at (434) 982-6000 to speak with an agent who will walk you through the process on the phone and who will verify necessary information to ensure your funds reach you quickly and securely. Use this link for more information about our Emergency Loan program.