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The Preliminary Award Letter

To view your preliminary award letter, click “View Financial Aid” under the Finances section of your SIS Student Center.  On the next page, choose "2020" for the award year.  On the resulting page, you will see the preliminary award listed both as a full-year award as well as broken down by semester. There is also an "Award Letter" link to produce a printable pdf version of your award. Please print a copy of your award letter at this time for your records. Award letters are only available online in the SIS--you will not receive a paper award letter. As long as your award is listed as Preliminary, you will not have the ability to accept or decline loans or federal work-study awards in your SIS.

Later in the spring, official financial aid awards are created for admitted applicants who have submitted all required documents, accepted the offer of admission, and satisfied the tuition deposit.  For both the preliminary and official awards, grant aid and scholarship amounts are accepted for you automatically in the SIS.

Your preliminary award may contain a variety of types of aid, including both federal and University awards. Please click  the "Types of Aid" link on the left for information about each type of aid. Follow this link for an FAQ regarding President Ryan's comments about the University's financial aid commitment to students.

Award amounts between the preliminary and the official award could change if any additional information requested or submitted is significantly different from your FAFSA and/or CSS PROFILE application.  The cost of attendance and financial aid amounts included in your preliminary award are very good estimates, but they are subject to change depending on your field of study and pending future Board of Visitors approval.  Further, Federal Pell Grants are based on eligibility determined by Congressional action, and funding levels for them are also subject to change.

An important note for undergraduate transfer students: until your transferred credits are evaluated by your school of enrollment (usually before the start of the first term of enrollment), you are awarded loans at the level of a first-year student.  Once your credits have been evaluated and your academic level has been confirmed, your loans will be adjusted accordingly.  For students with need-based loans, the total loan amount will not change, but the types of loans will.

For more information about official awards, which will be produced this summer, please click here to navigate to the Current Undergraduate Students section.


Reporting Outside Grants and Scholarships

If you have been awarded or have been notified that you will receive a Non-University award, you must report the award to Student Financial Services using our Outside Scholarships Self-Reporting Form.  Non-University awards are viewed as a financial aid resource when a student receives federal, state, or institutional assistance, and must be used when determining or revising financial aid eligibility.   After we receive notice of your awards, we will make adjustments to your financial aid award accordingly.  Non-University awards typically replace "self-help" forms of need-based aid (Direct Subsidized Loans, Institutional or Nursing Loans, Federal Work Study) before they will replace state and University scholarships and grants.  For more information on how scholarships and grants can impact your financial aid, visit our Scholarships and Grants web page.


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