Employee Waiver Program

The primary purpose of the employee comprehensive fee waiver program is to support full-time UVA employees who are part-time UVA students. Full-time salaried faculty (9- or 12-month), ROTC faculty, full-time staff, and health care professionals (including health care employees working 20 hours or 50%) will qualify to have their comprehensive fee waived.

Eligibility is determined on a term by term basis defined by your employment level. (Please note, wage employees are not included and off-Grounds fees are not included.) There is no minimum enrolled credits nor is there a minimum time period of employment required for eligibility. Please visit UVA’s Human Resources website for a comprehensive review of employee education benefits.


How is the waiver applied?

Academic Employees

For eligible employees, the comprehensive fee waiver will automatically apply to your UVA student account within one business week following your course enrollment and tuition calculation. The waiver applies only to terms of enrollment that begin after the employee’s eligibility begins.  For example, if a student becomes a full time university staff employee in October, and they are taking classes in the fall term, the employee waiver will only apply in the following Spring term and beyond, as long as the person remains an eligible employee.

Medical Center Employees

For eligible Medical Center employees, please refer to the Medical Center Educational Assistance program website to review eligibility details, and request to apply the waiver. To request the comprehensive fee waiver, please contact the Human Resources Customer Service Center at 434-243-3344 or send an email to HRInfo@virginia.edu. This process is separate for Medical Center Employees.