Types of Aid

Graduate aid comes in many forms including fellowships, scholarships, assistantships, wages, loans, and work study. 

Some assistance is given as direct aid meaning it is provided directly to the student. An example of direct aid is a stipend (an amount given directly to a student as part of a fellowship or scholarship to support the pursuit of study or training). 

Other assistance is indirect which is any aid awarded on a student’s behalf to the University or another third party. Examples of indirect aid include tuition, fees, and health insurance subsidies.

Many graduate students receive multiple types of aid. Your department awards scholarships, fellowships, and assistantships which may have work requirements but have no repayment requirements. Student Financial Services or your school’s financial aid office awards federal aid (loans and Federal Work Study) to graduate students. For information on specific types of aid, please click the link for the appropriate aid type in the left-hand column.