Wages are funds paid to a student in exchange for instructional, administrative, or research services in a graduate assistantship.  Wages are not a form of stipend.

Assistantship wages for GTAs and GRAs are paid on a bi-weekly schedule using the University’s payroll system. Of the twenty-six bi-weekly pay periods, ten occur during the fall term, ten occur during the spring term, and six occur during the summer. Federal Work Study employees are also paid on a bi-weekly schedule.

The wage payment schedule for students receiving wages as a Federal Work Study employee or as a Graduate Assistant can be found at https://payroll.vpfinance.virginia.edu/academic-payroll-and-leave-calendar under Payroll Calendars for the appropriate year.  The ‘Check Date’ listed in the Bi-weekly Payroll table is the date by which you should see your paycheck in your bank account.