Understanding the Offer Letter

The information on this page helps you understand your financial aid offer letter and what steps you need to take to have loans credited to your account.  We've also put together a video that walks you through these steps. Make sure you complete all the steps required for your loans to disburse if you are offered them and choose to accept them. 

Your Official Financial Aid Offer and What You Need to Do

1. View Your offer

Log in to your SIS Student Center to review your financial aid offer.  Once in SIS, click “View Financial Aid” under the Finances section, and choose the appropriate aid year.  Look for the "offer Letter" link to print a copy for your records or to save it as a .pdf to send on to someone else, like your parents.  Please note that financial aid offers are only available online in the SIS, and you will not receive a paper offer letter. If your offer changes later for some reason, you'll be able to see the history of your offers for the year at any time.

2. Accept, Decline or Reduce Your Loans

Because they do not need to be repaid, any grants or departmental offers are automatically accepted on your behalf. You have the ability to accept all, accept part, or decline each loan offer offered to you. Under the Finances section of the SIS Student Center, click "Accept/Decline awards." To accept the full amount of a loan or decline a loan, simply click the appropriate button and follow the prompts. To accept only a portion of a loan, click the button to "Accept" the loan, then change the amount indicated from the full amount to the amount you would like to accept for the year (half for each semester). If you make a mistake or change your mind, most offers can be reinstated later.

3. Complete Entrance Counseling and Master Promisory Notes

If you have not previously had a Direct Loan, you will need to complete entrance counseling and sign a Master Promissory Note before the disbursement of any loans at StudentAid.gov.

4. Report Outside Scholarships

If you have received any scholarships that are from outside UVA, or other resources such as military educational benefits or ROTC scholarships, please report these using our Outside Scholarship Self-Reporting Form.  Go to the main forms page and choose the correct academic year to find the form. All outside scholarships and other resources must be reported to us and may result in an adjustment of your existing aid.  In such cases, you will be notified by email of the change to your financial aid offer and the reason for the change.  For more information on how scholarships and grants can impact your financial aid, visit our Scholarships and Grants web page.

Other Things to Consider

Receiving financial aid is dependent upon maintaining satisfactory academic progress.

You may request an increase to your budget for either the one-time computer expense or to cover the cost of health insurance. Forms to request both of these increases are available on our forms page under the link to the appropriate aid year. When the request has been processed, you should receive an email notification, usually within about one month from the time you submit the form.

If your financial aid offer is modified after the release of the official financial aid offer, you should receive an email notification about the revisions.

For more information about types of aid included in your financial aid offer, please click here. Students should review the sections that apply in their particular situation.

Please email all questions to [email protected] or call (434) 982-6000.