View and Pay Your Bill

The University of Virginia, in partnership with Nelnet Business Solutions (an e-commerce service provider), makes student term statements available online for viewing and payment through an electronic system called QuikPay.  Students access QuikPay from the Finances section of the Student Information System (SIS) Student Center.

UVA's preferred method of payment is online through QuikPay.  In an effort to reduce risks of carrying cash or paper checks on Grounds, we recommend using QuikPay's free eCheck payment method.  The eCheck payment method requires you to enter the bank account and routing numbers, which is not the same as the number that is printed on your debit card.  eCheck payments must be drawn on a standard checking or savings account held at a U.S. bank. Money market or home equity line of credit accounts are not permitted as a payment method for eChecks.  If you choose to pay by credit or debit card in QuikPay, please note that you will be assessed a 2.75% service fee.  For secure international payments, UVA has partnered with Flywire to deliver secure best-price-guarantee online payment services.

If the student wishes to have someone else (parent, guardian, or others) pay on their behalf, the student must establish an authorized payer to allow access to view and pay the student's account. The authorized payer will receive an e-mail when the student completes the enrollment process designating them as an authorized payer. For instructions, click here.To access the authorized payer portal, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: To ensure you will be able to reach the QuikPay site, please disable the pop-up blockers in your browser.


View Your Bill Online

Student Financial Services generates term statements approximately 30 days before the beginning of the Fall and Spring term. There are no term statements generated for January term or Summer Session; charges for these terms as well as activity that occurs after a term statement is produced, refer to your Current Account Activity in QuikPay. A schedule of bills and due dates is listed here. Charges include tuition and fees, housing, dining plan, telecommunications, bookstore, and other miscellaneous charges such as parking fines, library fines, and referred Student Health Charges. Payment must be received on or before the due date to prevent late fees and holds on your account.  If you are withdrawing from the University and do not receive financial aid, click here for a table showing any possible tuition adjustment you might expect to receive.

E-bill notifications are sent to our students’ University of Virginia ( e-mail addresses and to e-mail addresses of authorized payers when a statement has been posted and is available for viewing. Please note that authorized payers can only receive those notifications after the student or customer has logged into QuikPay and enrolled them as an authorized payer. The e-bill notification will include instructions on where to go to view and pay the e-bill. Emails are also directed to customers and authorized payers confirming payments made on-line and confirming authorized payer setup or change.  No paper bill is sent to students or to the student's permanent home address. 

Within the QuikPay system, users can view their current term statement and statement history, as well as view and print a PDF version of these statements and remittance advice. The term statement displays prior term balances, tuition, fees, and any housing and dining charges for the upcoming term. The lower portion of the statement displays any anticipated credits (loans, outside scholarships, or other credits). At the bottom of the term statement, the total due is displayed, subtracting anticipated credits from the term charges and prior term balances.

NOTE: The term statement is a static document and is not updated once it is produced. All activity that occurs after the term statement has been produced, including any payments, newly-accepted loans, or additional outside scholarships, is best viewed under the Current Account Activity in QuikPay.

There are several ways and means by which students pay their bills. Listed below is information for students who plan to pay their full bill in one installment using a method of personal payment. For information using on payment plans, outside scholarships, 529 savings plans, military benefits or other forms of third-party payment, please see the links in the left menu of this page. For information on federal and institutional financial aid, please click here.


Pay Your Bill Online

The QuikPay system is used by many universities to manage their on-line billing services. It provides for account management 24 hours a day 7 days a week and was developed under the highest security standards. In addition to viewing the current most recent statement, uers can view printable versions of their statements, set up parents or others to be authorized payers on their behalf, view payments made on-line immediately, and manage their e-bill notification email and payment profiles.

Payments can be made by e-check or by credit card through QuikPay and will be posted to your account by the next business day. Payments must be made from a U.S. bank or with a U.S. credit card and associated with a U.S. billing address. For information on making international payments online, please click here.

Once in QuikPay, click on “View & Pay Accounts” to see the most recent activity, including past, current, and future due charges as well as current and past term statements.  Past due amounts are due immediately while current due amounts are due at the end of the current month (due dates are shown next to each line item in Current Account Activity).  Future due charges can be paid at any time but will show as future due until the month in which the charges are due, when the amount will show as current due.  

You may pay your balances on-line in QuikPay by e-check or credit card (MasterCard, American Express, or Discover - note that credit card payments are assessed a 2.75% fee by Nelnet Business Solutions). There are no service fees for e-check payments, and we do not recommend using credit cards to pay tuition and fees charges!  E-check payments will require you to know your back account and routing numbers, so we've provided this graphic to help you find that on one of your checks.  If you have a debit card, do not use the 16-digit number on the card.  That is not either your routing number or your account number.  If you bank online only or mostly, you can find your numbers there.

This is a sample image of a check, illustrating where to locate the account number and bank routing number.


Please note: a $50.00 return check fee will be assessed to your student account for all ACH or paper checks processed as nonsufficient funds (NSF) or bad faith stop payment. The $50.00 fee is in accordance with Virginia State Law (Va Code §8.01-27.1). The University will also not accept excess direct payments intended for living or other personal expenses. Personal or sponsor payments in excess of $3,000 of the account balance will not be accepted, except as instructed by a sponsor and with prior approval from Student Financial Services.


A Brief Guide to QuikPay

Everything you need to do to manage your account on-line, from viewing your bill, to paying electronically, to setting up authorized payers and Payment Plans can be done in QuikPay. The following links appear in the left navigation bar after you have logged in:

View & Pay Accounts: displays past, current, and future due charges as well as current account activity and statements.  Start here to make a payment.

Payment Profiles: payment methods you have elected to store to QuikPay. You have the ability to add or delete a payment method.

Authorize Payers: authorize others to make payments and access your QuikPay information. You may add, delete, or modify an authorized payer account at any time. You may also reset a password if your payer has forgotten it. For instructions regarding authorized payer accounts, click here.

User Preferences: add a secondary email account to be notified of your statements. Your address is listed as the primary means of notification. You can choose whether to be notified when an authorized payer has made a payment to the account.

Current Statement: the most current semester bill (Fall and Spring only). Please note that the bill is a static document and, once produced, will not be updated to reflect any changes or payments.

Current Account Activity: running account of all your charges and payments, organized by posted date with the most recent at the top. A positive number in the "Amount" column indicates a charge accrued (an increase in the total due), while a negative number indicates a payment or credit to the account (a reduction in the total due).

Statement History: archive of previous semester bills (Fall and Spring only).

Make a Payment: make an electronic payment by eCheck (no fee) or credit card (2.75% service-provider charge). Both payment methods must be from a US financial institution and have a US billing address. Please note that VISA will not allow QuikPay to accept its cards at this time.

Transaction History: record of all online payments made to the account, including the payment method and the user account from which the payment was made. We still suggest you print confirmation at the time payment is made.


Pay Your Bill by Mail or In Person

You may mail a check or pay in person at the Cashier's Office in Carruthers Hall. If you choose to mail a check, please send it accompanied by the printable remittance advice available on-line. To see your remittance advice, log in to QuikPay and choose "View & Pay Accounts" in the left hand menu, and then click either "View Latest Statement" or "Statement History" to find the statement in question.  Once you have selected the correct statement, click the "Printable Statement" link in the pop-up box that appears. Please make the check out to the University of Virginia and include the student's University ID number on the memo line.

Mail checks to:

University of Virginia
Student Payment Processing
P.O. Box 400204
Charlottesville, Virginia 22904

For express delivery services that cannot deliver to P.O. boxes, send to:

University of Virginia
Student Financial Services
1001 N. Emmet Street
Charlottesville, Virginia 22903

Students in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies paying by check should make payment to the regional center through which they are enrolled.


Pay Your Bill by Wire Transfer

U.S. domestic bank account holders are encouraged to use the free and secure online e-check/ACH payment option available through QuikPay@UVA. To complete an international wire transfer (with tracking capabilities), please follow the linked instructions.

Please note: the University will not accept excess direct payments intended for living or other personal expenses. Personal or sponsor payments in excess of $3,000 of the account balance will not be accepted, except as instructed by a sponsor and with prior approval from Student Financial Services.


International Services Fee

All students attending the University under the F-1 or J-1 non-immigrant visa status are required to enroll for full time study in both the fall and spring semesters (12 or more credits for undergraduate students). Any change in visa or citizenship status must be submitted with original documentation to the International Student and Scholar Programs Office in Minor Hall. You are also required to obtain a Social Security Number if you will be receiving University-awarded financial support.

International Students will be charged a $60 International Services Fee. The revenue offsets costs associated with the operation of the federally mandated Student and Exchange Visitor Program and the associated Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS). Further, the fees will ensure that the University is in compliance with federal mandates, as well as supporting the International Studies Office to have an adequate number of highly-skilled professionals who can address all student legal status issues.